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Fiesta is a free-to-play MMORPG developed and Published by Gamigo.

History Edit

It was created by OnsOn Soft in Korea. The organization published it globally except in North America where it was published by Outspark after an I.P ban. It is now developed by Gamigo.

General Edit

Like a typical MMORPG, there are guilds and guild wars, instances, raids, dungeons, and free item crafting options.[1] The international English version went through several beta tests before a commercial launch in November, 2007.

Fiesta features a anime style look with characters rendered in 3D. Likewise, the monsters and NPCs are depicted in a similar cartoonish style. Currently, Fiesta uses two character models (one male, one female) for each of the five classes. Players are given a specific style of clothing based on their chosen class (Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage, or Trickster) and can choose between three different hair styles and three (very similar) hair colors. There is only one face to select per character class. Players may alter the appearance of their character by purchasing a Beauty Shop Coupon from the Fiesta Store, the game's online item mall. The Beauty Shop unlocks hairstyles, hair colors and face types. One Beauty Shop Coupon allows one permanent change to each of the previous options, and you have to buy them for real money.[2]

The character classes in Fiesta represent the fantasy RPG archetypes (Fighter, Cleric, Archer, Mage, or Trickster). Each class has three ranks offering a specific path to follow. . At level 20, players may undertake a quest to promote their character's class to the next rank: Clever Fighter, High Cleric, Hawk Archer, and Wiz Mage respectively. The second rank is achieved by undertaking another quest that is only available once a first rank character has reached level 60 (Warrior, Paladin, Scout, Enchanter, and Renegade). The third rank lets you choose between 2 types at level 100 (Knight or Gladiator, Guardian or HolyKnight, Sharpshooter or Ranger, Wizard or Warlock, and Spectre or Reaper). For example: Knights and Gladiators with different abilities, Knights have higher defense than Gladiators, but Gladiators have higher attack power.

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