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I have decided to combine these two guides as they both correlate with each other (in my opinion). This combined guide provides you with a tutorial on how to play Fiesta. If you need screenshots to help you out, please go to the above links. Enjoy!

=Beginner's Guide=

Talk to Element Helper Remi and read her instructions

When you first enter the game in Roumen, Helper Remi is waiting to assist you as you first begin your journey through Fiesta. Talk to her and listen to what she has to say. Her Tutorial Quest will help you learn the basics of playing Fiesta. Follow her instructions carefully and soon you will be ready to begin your adventure.

Check the Information Signs

All around Isya, Information Signs are posted for you. Mouse over them with your pointer until a chat bubble icon appears on your screen. Click on them and read what they have to say. They are useful means of information as you venture forth through the lands of Isya.

Accept and load up on Quests

As a young adventurer, you constantly have to prove yourself to the people of Isya. You also may want to get on their good sides, so as to gain new knowledge, acquire new skills, and make new friends. Sometimes helping out can get you some great rewards, and the experience is always great. As you level up, more and more quests become available to you, and the rewards increase as well.

On the upper right hand part of your screen, to the left of you mini-map, a Quest Notice icon will appear when there is an available quest for you. Clicking on the icon will tell you where you need to go to find your next task.

If you explore around town, you will see some NPC s with a glowing, floating, egg above their heads. The Quest egg means that they have a quest waiting for you. If the egg is cracked, that means that you have already accepted a quest from that NPC and it is in progress. If the egg hatches, congratulations you have completed that quest.

If you look at the town map by pressing the shortcut key m , or click on the icon at your bottom right hand corner, you will notice that the location of each NPC is noted. If the NPC s has a green exclamation point near its name, then they have a quest waiting. If the exclamation point is half green, half yellow then it is in progress. Once you have completed your given quest, the exclamation point disappears. Be sure to consult your map, for new quests.

Your Quest log is accessible by pressing the shortcut key l , or click on the icon at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. There you will see all the quests you have accepted, and you can track your progress as some quests do require multiple tasks.

Load up on as many quests as they come available to you. Some quests may require you to perform the same tasks, or hunt in the same map, or area. Some quests are repeatable and the rewards can be very helpful as you play. Look at the rewards, and prioritize the quests that can help you the most. Form parties with other players who have similar quests. By helping each other, you can complete certain tasks in a minimal amount of time.

Quest window

Quest icon

Talk to NPC s

The non-player characters in Fiesta are the primary storytellers, and quest givers of the game. Look to them for information and tasks. Each also has a primary function to assist you on your adventure. Explore, and talk to NPC s to see what they have to offer you. Familiarize yourself with their locations, so you ll have an easy time getting what you need in the future. An NPC can sometimes be your best friend.

Interacting with the world

Equip your items
To access your inventory press the I key or click the Inventory icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Your inventory is where all the items you pick up are stored. It is also the screen where u can equip the items you wish to use. To equip an item, simply right click on its icon. To unequip your item, right click on the item again.

HP & SP Stones

Characters come equipped with a specific amount of HP & SP Stones. These stones can be used by a player to heal their characters and restore spirit points. The stones cool down time is independent of potions and they can be replenished from any town healer for a specific amount of in-game currency. The amount of stones you can carry at any one time increase as you level and can further be increased when special items are purchased from the Fiesta Store.

Starting HP & SP Stones per Class

Warrior 15 HP 7 SP
Cleric 14 HP 10 SP
Archer 13 HP 10 SP
Mage 11 HP 15 SP

The short key for using an HP stone is the E key, and for using an SP stone the Q key. By default the action buttons for these are placed in the 1 and 2 slot of your Quick Slot bar, but u have the ability to change these buttons to fit you style of play.


When your HP and SP are too low to continue playing and you don t want to use up your potions, or stones you can simply just put your character in rest mode to regenerate your HP and SP. Rest mode can be activated by pressing the Home key. Your character will then enter his mini house, which is shaped like a mushroom and rest. As you gain experience and begin to level, you can purchase and use better houses that will regenerate HP and SP faster. Also there will be a lot more functions and accessories for your mini house. Some of these things can be purchased in game or from our Fiesta Store.


Level Up

When you kill monsters or complete certain quests your character gains experience. After gaining a certain amount of experience your character will level up. As you level you earn stat points to distribute, skill empowerment points, and access to level restricted scrolls, and areas. A character earns 1 stat point per level, and 1 skill empowerment point per level.


The chat window is located above the Quick Slot bar in the bottom left hand corner of you screen. To type a message, simply press the enter key to toggle the chat window, type in your message and press the enter key again. To toggle the chat window off, again press the enter key.

In Fiesta there are more options for chatting with other players. To shout a message in public begin your message with /s. To privately message another player, begin your message with /w to whisper them. To chat within your party begin your message with /p and to chat within your guild, begin your message with /g.


Each town has a warehouse NPC called the Storage Keeper. By speaking to them you can access your personal storage space, where you can store any items that you pick up as you play. It s a good place to store gathered items, created items, and high-level items you want to save for later. This storage space is the same for all your characters, so you can store items there for your other characters to use. You can also deposit your in-game currency there for all your players to use. While the storage window is open, simply left-click on items in your inventory to store them.

Have Fun & Enjoy Fiesta

Make friends, party up, and have fun in the adventurous world of Fiesta.

=Game Basics Guide=


See the Keyboard Controls guide.

Basic Movement

Fiesta offers two ways for players to move around the world of Isya. You can either use w,s,a,d as your direction keys, or use click to move. Click to move allows you to move your character to an area on your screen by left clicking on the ground.

Quick Slot bar

The Quick Slot bar at the bottom left part of your screen is where you can put your skills, spells, actions, and frequently used items like potions and scrolls. Initially it contains the icons for HP Stone, SP Stone, Automatic Attack, and Item Pick Up, but you can add other action icons and customize the bar to your playing style. To use these actions simply right click on the action icon or press the key located in the top right of each icon. To load you Quick Slot bar, simply open your skills, actions, or inventory, click the action you want to load, and place it in the Quick Slot or your choice. To remove an action, left-click to pick the icon up and click it anywhere else on the screen.

Interacting with the World

Use your pointer to mouse over NPC s and objects in the game. If your pointer becomes a chat bubble, that means you can either speak with that NPC, or read something on that object by left clicking. If a sword appears, that means you can either attack that target, or that target can be gathered by double clicking. If a hand appears then left clicking can pick up that object.


To attack enemies simply target it by left clicking or press the tab key to auto target the nearest enemy. Once they are targeted, left click on it again to attack or choose a skill or spell to perform. When you have activated the attack, skill, or spell you will automatically move within range of your target. You can perform a skill or cast a spell by either pressing the key that corresponds to your attack in the quick slot bar or right click on the icon.



Fiesta allows players to party in groups of five. This allows players to help each other level or successfully complete hard maps or dungeons, or defeat strong enemies. In a party, players can use skill or spells that benefit each other and experience gained from defeating enemies is divided amongst the members of the party. To party another player simply target them and right click on their icon when it appears on the top portion of the screen. Once you have right clicked a drop down menu will appear. You can then send a party invitation to target player. If he accepts then a party is formed and his character icon will appear on the left side of your screen.


Character Information

You can access your character information screen by clicking on the character icon in your window icon bar at the lower right part of your screen. This window shows you the different details of you character including your character stats, attributes, level, experience gained, and you combat info. It also shows your titles and the different titles you character can have.

Gaining New Skills

As characters level up they gain access to new spell and skills. Look for skill master Ruby in Roumen to purchase your skill scrolls from levels 3 18. Otherwise you can buy skill scrolls from other skill masters and class trainers all around Isya. You can also purchase your production skill scrolls from skill masters. New skills include Active skills which u can perform against an enemy or passive skills that become inherent to your character. Production skills include herbology, mining, and alchemy and recipes can be purchased from skill masters. Some skills may require a class upgrade.

Status Icons

Status icons located below your Character Status bar inform you of the current status your character is in. These icons show both negative and friendly affects, from poison and disease, to buffs and blessings. By simply hovering over the icon it will show you the status information and its duration.

=Character Stats=

In Fiesta, stats is what you use to see how capable you are in battling your foes.

Free Stats is a system that you can use to bulk up your character's current stats. Each time your character levels up, you will attain 5 bonus stat points. You can use these stat points with any skill attribute. Go to your Character Stats panel by clicking on the icon or pressing 'C' and see what your current stats are and if you have any bonus stats points.

Here are descriptions to your character's different skill attributes:

  • STR (Strength) - Increases all physical damage, melee and ranged
  • DEX (Dexterity) - Increases evasion and aim
  • END (Endurance) - Increases HP and physical defense
  • INT (Intelligence) - Increases magical damage
  • SPR (Spirit) - Increases magic defense, spirit points, chance to critical hits (melee, ranged and magical)

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