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We've all seen people make scrolls, produce a variety of stones, and conjure potions but how are they able to do these things? It's called having the Production Skill.  There are currently 5 different Production Skills that exist in Fiesta. Every character can choose two productions skills. When choosing the production skill make sure it is what you want because once you accept your production skills, you will not be able to change. Knowing how to select one for your balas can oftentimes confuse players so here is a guide on how to select a Production Skill.

Five Production SkillsEdit

These short summaries were taken directly from the game fiesta.

Production skills

The Skill Production menu can be brought up two ways: talking to Skill Master Ruby and clicking on the Skill Info icon (bottom right-hand corner in icon menu) and going to the Alchemy icon (3rd icon).

However, there's only one way to actually select your Production Skills. Go talk to Skill Master Ruby, click on Purchase Scroll, and click on Alchemy icon (3rd icon). The Production Skills menu will appear.


Now, here's the tricky part: you can only pick 2 production skills and once you pick them, they're unchangeable so pick wisely. Potion-making is useful because no NPC in Fiesta sells potions; however, the materials required to make the potions are different to get in large quantities. Stone-making is easy and the materials you need to make them are very easy to find. You just need to mine the ore in Echo Cave. However, you need to buy and learn the mining skill and also buy a pickaxe. See the Mining Guide for more information. Stones also make you a lot of money in merchanting. Scroll-making requires you to buy and learn the scrolls from Skill Master Ruby before you can actually make the scrolls. You also need to attain the required materials to make the scrolls. Also, some of the scrolls require you to be a certain level and class while others require you to have a certain amount of fame (given by NPCs upon quest completion). The Composition Skills are self explainable. They are useful in terms of money making. Such as, if you mine a copper ore of low quality, you can upgrade it to high quality and sell it for more money.

Selecting your production skill:

One skill

Click the production skill you want. Drag it over to the one of the boxes at the top of the menu and put the production skill icon into the box. Do the same with another production skill of your choice.

Skill production accept

Once you put your selected production skills into the top 2 slots, press the OK button. A confirmation box will appear in the middle of the screen. If you are happy with the production skills you selected, press OK. If not, press CANCEL. That's all there is to it. Go to your Skills Info icon in the icon menu and click on the Alchemy icon. Your new Production Skill icons will appear there. Click on them and drag them over to your quickslot menu (bottom-left corner). Place both of them in one of the boxes. Now press the number (hotkey) that appears in the box that you put one on your Skill Production icons in. A menu will come up. This menu will tell you what you can make from this production skill. Each item that you can make requires a certain amount of materials. You are required to buy the skill scroll from Skill Master Ruby for each item that you want to make. Once you buy and learn the scroll, you can then make the item with the required materials. This is required for all production skills.

A Reminder Once You Pick 2 Production Skills You Cant Add Any More So Pick Wisely ^_^

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