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Ever dreamed of making lumps of money just by mining? Mining takes skill and determination. This detailed guide will give you all the details in what mining is all about:

Echo cave pic

Echo Cave is the mining zone in Fiesta. It is located in both Sand Beach and Forest of Tides.

Before you can start mining, you are required to know the Mining Gather Skill and have a Pickaxe:

Mining skill

Mining Gather Skill is acquired when you start your adventure

Cast Time: 7 seconds


Go to Item Merchant Pey (see Roumen City Guide). Click on her and click the Purchase button. The Pickaxe is the 1st icon in the 4th column.

Required Level: 1

Weapon Type: Two Handed Weapon

Attack Rate: 1 second

Description: A normal Pick used for mining minerals and ores.

Cost: 100 copper

Echo cave map symbol

This is the symbol for the Echo Cave. When going to the cave, either in Sand Beach or in Forest of Tides, look for the pickaxe symbol on the map.

Echo cave teleport

You have to be teleported to Echo Cave by a miner. There is a miner in both Sand Beach and Forest of Tides that will teleport you to Echo Cave. The miner stands outside a closed-down cave entrance.

Once you are inside the cave, there are 3 monsters that you should be aware of:

Rookie skeleton Rookie Skeleton

Level: 7

Slanderer phinoflie Slanderer Phinoflie

Level: 12

Mage book

Mage Book

Level: 22

The Rookie Skeleton won't attack you unless you attack it. On the other hand, the Slanderer Phinoflie is aggressive and will attack you if you are in within eyesight or if you get very close to it...they fire rocks at you, which do cause a lot of damage. The Rookie Skeleton and Slanderer Phinoflie images were taken when I was level 16 so as you can see from the colored text, a level 16 can easily defeat a Rookie Skeleton while it might taken a couple hits to take out a Slanderer Phinoflie. The Rookie Skeleton appear at the beginning of the cave and only a few scatter themselves in the middle. Slanderer Phinoflies scatter themselves near pits and copper ores...mostly in the middle of the cave and near the end of the first part. There are sections of the cave. Each section is cut off by an indent in the wall and the ground becomes wood. As you get past the first section, you will encounter more dangerous parts of the cave. This is where the mage books start appearing.

How to mine:

Copper ore 1

First, you have to find a copper ore to mine.

Copper ore 2

Second, you have to double click it to start mining the copper ore. The green bar with the orange line on it has a special meaning to it. As you will see, the green bar moves back and forth from the beginning of the line to the end. The goal is to click on the orange line once the green bar hits it. You must hit it at the right time, which means when you click on the orange line, the green bar must be exactly on it, not before or after it. If you click it at good timing, the tack will flash and it will enable you to crack open the ore faster (helps if someone is trying to crack open the ore faster than you and trying to get the loot). This also applies to getting loot from bushes and wood (they drop apples, herbs, and other items).

Copper ore 3

And third, once the copper ore breaks, if you are lucky enough, you will find a little copper ore inside it.

Types of ore you can mine:

Ore Description

Copper ore low quality

Copper Ore - A small copper ore mixed with other metals. (stone material)
Copper Ore NQ
Copper Ore (Normal Quality) 

Copper ore high quality

Copper Ore (High Quality) - A large copper ore with 90% chance purity. (stone material)
Silver Ore LQ
Silver Ore (Low Quality)
(image not yet provided) Silver Ore (Normal Quality)
Silver Ore HQ
Silver Ore (High Quality)

Gold ore

Gold Ore (Low Quality) - (stone material)

Gold ore

Gold Ore (Normal Quality) - (stone material)

Gold ore high quality

Gold Ore (High Quality) - High quality gold ore. (stone material)

Topaz (image provided by Icomefrombeta)

Topaz - A jewel which can be mined from copper ore. (stone material) Can be attained after mining a lot of copper ore.

Mining takes time and effort so you have to be patient. In Fiesta, ore is very valuable and you will gain lots of money from it. Just be wise when buying and selling ore. When you go into the cave, make sure to have your pickaxe with you so you don't have to go all the way to Roumen and get your pickaxe from the Storage Keeper. It's a long walk. Also make sure to have a couple of potions with you because chances are you will get attacked by a Swanderer Phinoflie. If there's a cleric nearby, ask him/her to aid you because clerics can heal you if you are injured. Also, if there is a high level player there with you, ask him/her to help you in taking the monsters down.

There are different Caves for the different types of ores. Echo cave is full of Copper ore. Windy cave is full of Silver ore and so on. Each cave will have increasing levels of loot, but be prepared to face increasing levels of monsters too. 

Good luck and have fun!!

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