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Here is a guide on how to become a successful mage in Fiesta. Big thanks to Drugie for his input. Enjoy!

If you want to post anything in the forums regarding this class, please go to the Mage Forum Section.

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So you have chosen to become a Mage. The Mage is weak of body, but powerful in the arcane. The Mage focuses on long range spells, that hopefully kill the enemy before they reach you. Arguably the strongest character, the Mage is the most dependent character, low health means a tank is needed, as well as a cleric if the enemy comes after you.

Basic Combat Guide for MagesEdit

Mages have to rely on their skills to fight as they have next to no melee ability. However they have a skill that is just like a normal attack, in fact mages are given this skill free at the start. This skill is called Magic Missile. Add this skill (and any further skills you get) to the quickcast bar on a button you can get to easily. Once you reach level 20, you can become a Wizmage. At level 60, you can become an Enchanter. At level 100, you can choose to eathier become a Wizard or a Warlock. Wizards can summon and such, while Warlocks can transform themselves into things like a bird.


('3' key is Magic missile)

Now the skill is ready and easy to use. To use the spell target the mob you want to kill, and press the button you set the spell as (in this example the cast button is '3'). All spells have a cooldown time (although it can be lowered using skill points) which means you cannot cast it until it is ready. While you are waiting for it to recharge, either use other spells to kill the mob or run away until the skill is available again.


See the Weapons Guide (non-database format).

See the Item Database.

The mage's weapon choice is between the wand and the staff. The difference between the two is the most insignificant of all weapons (bow/crossbow, mace/hammer, etc.)

Staff - Has higher aim than a wand but a lower critical rate and lower mdmg. Used by Wizards. PvE class, continues to learn AoE skills at higher levels.

Wand - Lower aim, higher crit rate/mdmg. Used by Warlocks. PvP class, continues 1v1 at high levels.

kills lvl 50+, because you will not use your lower level skills when you get higher level ones.

Recommended Empowerment ListEdit

1. Magic Blast(lvl 49)- Max damage and cooldown (This is your most used skill, as well as your second highest damage skill. It becomes kitable at tier 3)

2. Nova(lvl 60)- Max cooldown (A very good AoE spell that slows down a group of enemies and does damage over time)

3. Inferno(lvl 67)- Max cooldown (A very strong AoE but has long cool down)

4. Fear(lvl 60)- Max effect time, duration optional (Makes the target run around helplessly. Normal effect time is 3 seconds at tier 1, but with empowerment it adds +3 seconds) Note that higher level fears have longer durations, but still only add +3 seconds for empowerment.

5. Fireball (lvl 53)- Max Damage, cd optional (Your highest damage skill, has a long cast time...but it's worth it)

Magic missle 02

Magic Missile

Description: Quick casting spam spell.

Recommended Empower: Nothing

Ice bolt 01

Ice Bolt

Description: Long range spell that slows the enemy.

Recommended Empower: Nothing

Fire bolt 01

Fire Bolt

Description: Useful attack for characters below level 20.

Recommended empower: Nothing

Lightning bolt 01

Lightning Bolt

Description: Main damage skill. Can be used while moving.

Recommended Empower: Nothing

(You can also acquire these skills listed below after upgrading to the level 20-59 WizMage class.)

Magic burst 01

Magic Burst

Description: This is the first AoE skill mages get, very effective at taking out large groups of enemies surrounding you.

Recommended Empower: Nothing.

Magic blast 01

Magic Blast

Description: Upgraded Magic Missile. High damaging spam spell that can be used while moving.
Recommended Empower: Attack power / cool down

Ice blast 01

Ice Blast

Description: Upgraded Ice Bolt.
Recommended Empower: Nothing

Fire ball 01


Description: Upgraded Fire Bolt.
Recommended Empower: Damage, Cooldown optional

Chain lightning 01

Lightning Ball

Description: The final damage skill. Upgraded Lightning Bolt (can be used while moving)
Recommended empower: Nothing

Life tap 01

Life tap

Description: Exchanges HP for SP. The ratio is about 5:3.

Recommended Empower: Nothing

Dispel 01


Description: Removes a curse from you or target ally.
Recommended Empower: Nothing

Mana burn 01

Mana Burn

Description: Only useable in PvP. Drains SP from the target enemy player.
Recommended empower: Nothing

Purge 01


Description: Removes the last buff casted on an enemy.
Recommended empower: Nothing

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