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The Mage is one with the magical energies of Isya, channeling arcane power and commanding it to do his bidding. The Mage may be frail and weak in body, but that is a worthy sacrifice for the strength of the mind. The Mage is the heavy hitter of the group, casting powerful damaging ranged spells at single and multiple targets. Enemies flee from the sounds of their fearsome incantations.

The Mage is the only class that begins with a starting spell, Magic Missile. The Mage can equip a staff or a wand. They can only wear armor specific to their class and level. Main attributes are Intelligence (magical damage) and spirit. This will increase your change for critical hits and add more spirit points. It is possible to put more points in Endurance if you would like more hit points. This will allow you to survive a little longer.

For your skill empowers (under skills button "K" key), focus on increasing damage output at first. This will help you in combat should you wish to solo. Focus on increasing the skill empowers of your fire spells for the biggest damage boost. You can also empower your beginning spell, Magic Missile. You can empower skills immediately starting at level 3.

Job TreeEdit

Class Change Mage
First Job
Second Job
Third Job
Fourth Job
Warlock OR Wizard

Why a Mage?Edit


  • Best single target damage dealer (mostly against bosses)[Debatable with Archers]
  • Has AoE (Area of Effects) that can damage multiple targets
  • Great against bosses
  • Can remove debuffs from self or target
  • Skill that allows them to reduce opponents sp
  • Highest damage dealer
  • Strong Magic Damage
  • Strong Magic Defense


  • Weakest Defense
  • Has no healing ability
  • Low Hit Points
  • Weak Physical Damage

Base Stats and EquipmentEdit


Mage Armor

Mage Purple sets


Staffs and Wands

Starting StatsEdit


See AlsoEdit

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