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There are many ways to level up. This guide will show you exactly how to do it without thinking too hard.

Kingdom Quests

Participating and successfully completing Kingdom Quests will result in you getting a load of experience. You get awarded experience from fighting off the monsters, from leeching off experience in your selected party, and from defeating the boss.

Regular Quests

Regular quests given from various NPCs do result in experience gain as an award for completing their quest. However, these experience gains aren't very much so be sure to participate in various quests.


The most common and most time-consuming way of leveling up. Players go to a specific area of the World Map and battle various Monsters (see Monster Database) in order to gain accumulating experience. Players can either challenge themselves by soloing an area (going one-on-one with different monsters without getting help from other players) or they can go into a party (group up with other players) and leech off experience as your party kills multiple monsters at the same time.

Clerics are almost always needed in all three scenarios because of their healing powers and buffs. Warriors are needed because of their ability to attract monsters and deal a great deal of damage. Mages and archers are needed because of their long-range attacks so as a result, they are able to hit their monster like 5 times before their monster has a chance to hit them. There are also the abyss areas for specific lvls to challenge more powerful monsters to gain alot more exp and to gain rare items, however these places are open for PKing and therefore players sometime stand at the gate to PK any wandering adventurer that happens to came by, I've seen a lvl 28 mage get picked on in the lvl 30 abyss because he was trying to lvl with a friend, then later PKed and called a "Noob Mage", possibly hurting the self-esteem of that poor mage, so these areas are best taken on with the possible risk of PKs, although not every abyss has PKs. While earning exp is a factor in the abyss, losing it is just as common, and with the addition of PKs, if your a low lvl plvling with a friend and you both get caught by PKs, you CAN lose alot more exp than you can earn, so plenty of dangers there. So the best place to grind is the abyss areas, but try and balance it with grinding in fields as well.

Here is a map that will show you what areas you will want to go to for leveling up at your specific level range:


Level up map enlarged

Click for full size image

- NOTE: For those levels 70+ , go to "Flaming Mine" in Burning Rock, if you evade the monsters it shouldn't be too hard. Go to the very back and kill (one by one, as they pack a punch) Cursed Gold Knights, giving you around 30-60,000 exp depending on your level. Good luck!

I would say the abyss doubles the XP you get in the normal wilderness, and you can also get some good items.

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