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Alright, we all want to be rich in Fiesta, don't we? So we can buy that good-looking weapon or necklace. Well, I'll reveal to some of the best ways to make money in fiesta:

Some information is from Drugie (most of it being the second-half of this guide)

~ Was edited by RosexRayne, extensively, to add categories for easier access to specific information and added additional information based on experience in the game and with other players. There was much that needed to be updated and too much that was repeated.

Selling to NPCs:Edit

Well, this is the most basic way to gain money besides doing quests. Just kill monsters, get their drops, and sell their drops to the NPCs. You'll get money for the drops. Not a big amount of money but you'll get it. The main drops you will be selling to the NPC's are the various lumps and bones. Don't expect to make gold quickly by relying on the NPC, but you'll get money. However, at higher levels (90+) selling to NPC's gets more profitable. The best thing to sell to an NPC is a green weapon. Many green weapons and gear will sell to an npc for 100s a peice or more at level 100 and beyond.


Another basic way to get money. Complete the quests that are given to you by NPCs and they'll reward you with money. Not really a big amount but later on some of the rewards are quite substantial. especially when you hit lvl 50 when to quests give you a substantial amount of silver for the most lowly monster kills, but you will be killing a lot of monsters at higher lvls, don't be surprised.

Hint: A lot of quests also give rewards such as items, stones and scrolls. Even if you don't want them they can be sold to push up your profits. Especially when you get a hold of T2 concentration scroll, these beauties go for a good price because of the INT and critical rate (good for mages and fighters), also the T3 quickness and strength potions can go for a good price in uruga/elderine vendors, which is very convenient.

Selling To Other Players:Edit

Materials for Skill Productions:Edit

Skill productions require materials from various place and various types of monsters. If you find your self with 15 stacks of one of the more desired materials (eg. high quality soul dust) then don't NPC it but sell it to other players! Just know what the general market prices are.

Production Skills:Edit

Now, let me just say that I've gained so much money off this method. All you got to know is what to sell. Depending on what production skills you selected to your character to do, you will be able to produce your own potions, stones, or scrolls. (You may do all three using multiple characters but it's in your advantage to focus on one at a time) Go to the Production Skills Overview for more information. You can either do Potion Production and sell them to other players. These are wanted by most classes except clerics. Generally HP pots sell better than SP. However, selling stones may be the cheapest way to make money in Fiesta. If you have Stone Production, you will be able to make alot of money from using the dusts you find to make elrue, then going Mining for copper ore  and making some into Lix. Players want elrue, lix and xir to upgrade their weapons and armor so stones make good money. Scrolls can be made with the Scroll Production skill. Players love scrolls because scrolls buff (upgrade) their skills up for certain amounts of time which can be invaluable for leveling and questing. Scrolls are a very consistent seller.

Hint: Item Composition and Decomposition can be your best friend when creating things to sell. Turning those medium quality dusts into low quality dusts or high quality dust to make different tiers of stones helps generate more money.

Teleport ScrollsEdit

Teleport scrolls transport you from almost any place into the middle of town. There are transport scrolls for every major town. These scrolls are gotten as a monster drop,a quest reward or you may set up a "purchasing" shop where you buy other people's scrolls and then resell them for a profit. Typically these scrolls are highly desired by most players. It makes the game go by quicker with out having to run 10 minutes between towns. Remember where you're selling your scrolls. You're more likely to sell an Alberstol scroll in Uruga than in Alberstol. Look around at your competition and sell at a similar or slightly lower price. This method of generating money does require that you have some money already and patience.

Selling CardsEdit

While fighting monsters in Fiesta you will notice that you will get various cards. You may either collect them for yourself or, if you get extras, you may sell them in the market. Some cards are worth much more than others. A plain, simple card isn't worth nearly as much as a card with a title. Additionally, a card with a coveted title is worth way more than one with a title that isn't worth much. For example the Mara cards. One of her cards is a plain, typical card with no title but the other is a very rare card which provides a title and title bonus of  +4% on evasion, which is highly desired by many players and therefore is worth a great deal.

Selling Boss/Special Drops:Edit

Here is where a lot of money can be made. What this consists of is "farming" or picking one of the various bosses in fiesta and killing it... over and over again... in order to get its drops. The normal bosses, such as the Great Goblin King, drop blue armor, jewelry, and special green weapons. Blue armour and these special green weapons have better strength, defense, aim, ect... If these items also have great stats, the value of the item you have is increased drastically. These normal bosses are mostly found in level-specific areas. You should try to be at or near the lowest level that can enter the area. There are also special bosses in Fiesta, such as Hellgait, Male, & Karen who drop extremly special and rare items. These bosses are only able to be killed by a raiding group. If you happen to get one of these items, you are one lucky player. However, anyone below level 100 probably isn't going to get one. ( 91 for Hellgait). Finally you have dungeon drops. These come from the boss of a dungeon such as the Tower of Izyel, Crystal Castle, Leviathan's Nest, the Labratory, ect... These blues are very rare, hard to find and hard to obtain. You may farm one of these dungeons as well, but often it requires a party to get to the drop.

The Fine Art of Vendoring:Edit

Vendors are the main way to sell your wares to other players so knowing how to setup a vendor successfully is essential. To setup a vendor find the spot where you want to setup the vendor and press the button that looks like a house and select Vendor (or just press b), select buy/sell and put in the items and the prices your buying/selling for, add a description then open the store. Sounds simple enough, but I've seen many people do things wrong and either not sell anything, or miss out on a lot of money. There are 4 main things you need to think about when making a vendor:

Location Location Location:

Location is KEY to selling your items, if your selling stones, there's no point in selling them out in the middle of Forest of Tides, nobody will see your store. Put your store where people will most likely look for it. If your selling stones, put your store by the local Blacksmith, if your selling materials for anything, try and put your vendor near the local Storage Keeper so they can easily buy all you have to offer, then store it away for a later date. Also keep in mind the level of the items you are selling. Roumen is for Teir 1's, Elderine for Teir 2 & Teir 3, Uruga for Teir 3 to Teir 4, and Alberstole for Teir 4 to Teir 5. Looking around each town to see where your item is usually set up.

Your Stock:

Make sure your selling things people are going to want, very few people are going to want to buy your copper lumps or crushed bones, but they are much more likely to invest in your summoned beast leather or Vitality scrolls. Also if you are sick of only having 5 slots to put the items you want to sell on, you can use spark cash to get a mini house that has more slots for selling. Most people want to own something that they absolutely need, such equips that players want to own, differ from fighters to mages. Look at the stats to see what is more valuable. (See Character Stats for more information).


This is one of the areas many people have problems with. It's very easy to fall into the trap of pricing everything very expensive thinking you will get a high profit out of it when people come by and buy your items, it may work well if you are leaving the vendor open overnight but it can backfire when nothing on the vendor sells. However the other side of the scale is also possible. Pricing items too low may make everything sell extremely quickly but its not going to be doing many favors for your gold ambitions. The best way to determine your prices is to study the market before setting up a shop, see what other people are selling their items for and make a decision from there. Also study your item. If it is highly desirable (a Helga Axe) then it a good idea to take offers on the item before actually selling it (set it up in the store as the only item for a price of 999 Gems & ask for offers). You may also want to place the item (with a photo) on Fiesta's marketplace forum. You will need to keep up with who offers you what and sell to the highest bidder.

The Perfect Shop Title:

Making your vendor eye-catching to the passerby is the best way to get people looking in your vendor. People looking for Defense scrolls are much more likely to head towards a vendor saying "Defense Scrolls - 200c" than another vendor selling the same thing but being called "Leftover Stuff". Try to give your vendor a meaningful name that will bring over prospective customers. Another way of getting people over is by employing some marketing tactics, just like in real life people cannot resist the lure of a shop advertising bargains or cheap items and many a beginner has been lured into selling their materials by shops called "Get rich here".

By following these guidelines (and with a decent bit of luck) you will find that in very little time you will find yourself well on the way to that new item you always wanted but were never able to afford.

Other Ways:Edit

The AcademyEdit

Be sure, while you are between levels 9 and 59 you join a guild academy. You could earn money and items just for leveling! For more information please visit the Wikia page Academy.

Masters & ApprenticesEdit

Get a master as early as you can. A master must be at least 10 levels above you for you to ask. As you level you will be given various items but mostly "war rants" or "exp cards". This is not directly money but both items help you make more of it. Likewise Masters receive a monetary reward for their pupils leveling. for more information please see: Apprenticeship

Getting ScammedEdit

Some people use their ability to have SC (Spark Cash) to earn "real-game" money by offering +9 enhancements for silver or gold and even gifting for money priced on how much SC they have, this goes back to the old business saying, "If its too good to be true, THEN IT IS!" This leads to people giving said SC enhancer their +5 staff offering 100 silver to raise it to +9 status and the said enhancer logging out without giving anything to the said player (now called the victim) leaving them putting out a Shout or a Rawr to the world saying that "so-and-so is a scammer!" If I have learned anything, is that scammers tend to log out of the game for a day untill the victim forgets about losing their silver and weapon and moves on, leaving the scammer in the clear because the victim forgot the scammer's name or account name. So if you have been scammed, stay calm and try to remember the player's name and then report the scam immediatly. It might not get results but at least you will have the player's name. The simple thing to do is to just try and do the enhancing yourself and not rely on an outside source to help you create a shortcut to your dream weapon or outfit. If that isn't possible then you're going to have to buy items already enhanced. There are a lot of scammers out there and you honestly can't trust anyone.

Final Tips:Edit

Pricing. This depends greatly and there is no "one size fits all". Not every Hellgait Axe is going to sell for 5 gems. On some servers it may be 10 gems or on others only 1 gem. There is also the factor of how desperate people are to get the item you're selling. Look around before setting up shop.

Watch where you put those price numbers in your shop! Many people have sold something that was supposed to go for 50g for 50s because they over looked a simple mistake. You just made someone else very happy, but that isn't going to be you.

Shout! Use the ability to shout in towns to tell people what you're selling. Simply write "/s here is what i'm selling". You don't have to write it over and over. Write it on a word based program on your computer then copy. To paste into the Fiesta Online chat box use ctrl + v .

Roar! This is the same as a Shout, only the whole sever can see it. Recommended when selling specialty items like Hellgait weapons, Male gear, blue gear, ect...

Use the party matching system, like a Roar, only you don't need spark cash. It is less effective than a Roar but the whole server can see it. Refresh your posting there every so often or it will vanish.

Remember, if your item is particularly coveted, always use "offers" and "bidding" to get the best price.

Ask your friends and guild mates what approximate prices are if you are unsure. They may not know for sure but they can give you a decent estimate. Look around at the competition for the best price.

Lastly: The better the stats the higher the price!

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