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The build you choose will depend heavily on the prestige class you wish to choose. If you plan to become a Knight, END in your build is almost essential. Yes, most of your defense will come from your gear but END creates an increase in the block rate.  In contrast, if you will be a Gladiator, you do NOT want to add END in your build. You will not be using a shield so you won't be able to take advantage of the block rate. Ultimately it is your decision. Please read the section on stats.

Half BuildsEdit

End/Dex - Knight

Pro: Higher Evasion/Aim, HP/Defense/Block Rate

Con: Less over all damage potential due to the lack of Crit/ STR, Less M. Def

End/Spr - Knight

Pro: Higher Crit/ M.def. and all END additions. With this build I would recommend 1:1 End/Spr or 2:1 End/Spr. The idea behind this build can be to stop at 25 SPR as usual or continue to 50 SPR or more for the added M.Def.

Con: Less Eva/Aim/Damage

Dex/Str - Gladiator

Pro: High Eva/Aim/Dmg

Con: Less Hp/Def/Block Rate/Crit/M.Def

Dex/Spr - Knight or Gladiator

Pro: High Eva/Aim/Crit. M.Def

Con: Low Def/Hp/Block Rate/Dmg.

Mixed BuildsEdit

End/Dex/Spr - Knight

Pro: Balanced build spreading bonuses among evasion/aim, Hp/Def/Block Rate, and M.def/Crit rate.

Con: Not as focused in a single area. While balanced, it could be considered weaker than other pure or half builds. Very good beginners build.

End/Dex/Spr/Str - Knight

Pro: Again, Balanced. Includes the above comment with slightly more dmg.

Con: Less bonuses than the previous mixed build. Still a pretty good beginner's build.

Dex/Spr/Str - Gladiator

Pro: Once again, well balanced but also more of a "Damage Dealer" build  or PVP because of the increased STR damage and the crit rate plus the Aim/Evasion.

Con: No HP/Block Rate bonuses.

Extra FactsEdit

For Knights STR is pretty much useless. You will not be dealing damage. You are going to be taking damage.

For Gladiators, END is almost entirely useless. They do not use shields so Gladiators do not use the block rate.

 It is generally recommended that  you do not add more than 25 SPR to a build. Please see the basic stats page for more information.

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