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Most of the information comes from the cleric section of the Fiesta Online Wikia. I have modified to to make it simpler and to help explain the reasoning behind the different types of builds. I feel I can edit this because I have a 110 Holy Knight.

To find out more about Fiesta Online stats visit the wiki page:

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Pure SupportEdit

Full SPR


  • High Crit Rate
  • Lots of SP
  • Higher M.Def


  • Low Def
  • Low HP
  • Needing expensive High-Def equipment

This build is party dependent but very useful. You won’t have to worry about using a large amout of SP pots or stones. On the flip side, you will need plenty of HP pots and stones. This build is generally not recommended because it is not well balanced.

Pure DefenseEdit

Full End


  • Higher HP
  • Higher Def
  • High Block Rate


  • Lower SP pool
  • Dependent on SP pots and stones

This build is very common among clerics. This gives you a good amount of starting Def and a nice boost of HP. In addition, there is the block rate which is always useful. There is a misconception that just because you have a full END build you can tank. This is not the case. Most Def comes from the gear you wear and usually it isn’t from the gear stats but the enhancement of that gear.

The Balanced OneEdit

END/SPR Combination


  • Balanced
  • Block rate and Crit rate
  • Decent Def. and M.Def


  • Lower SP than pure SPR
  • Lower HP than pure END

This class is probably the most popular among the clerics I know. The SPR adds some crit for the damage deprived cleric while not wasting too many SPR points. It also gives the block rate and Def so loved by clerics. Here again, most of your Def and M.Def is going to come from your gear, but the stat bonuses are very useful. The build usual begins either 2:1 END/SPR or 3:1 END/SPR until SPR reaches a certain amount (usually 25 but as high as 50) and the rest goes completely END.


STR/END/SPR Combination


  • ;Slightly higher Dmg than most clerics
  • Moderate HP, Crit and Block rates


  • Can be considered a waste of stat points.

This build would generally follow 2:2:1 STR:END:SPR untill SPR reaches 25 and then continue to add to STR:END equally. There are a million combinations of this. This build is often sought after for its rumored ability to make a cleric "PVP" worthy. In truth any damage a cleric, or any class, can deal is determined by the strength of their weapon. The same can be said of END/SPR, however, those two stats offer bonuses while STR's bonus is an extra point for every 5 points.

The UnreachableEdit

Full or Mostly Dex


  • High Evasion rate
  • High Aim


  • Lower SP, HP
  • Lower Stat-Based Def/M.Def
  • Lower Crit and Block rate than other builds

This is not a build to be attempted by a newbie. This build requires dedication and a knowledge of the game and the avaliable gear. If done correctly, this build could be one of the best. DEX gives the highest bonus of any stat. The idea is to generally balance defense with the high evasion rate to hardly be hit or, when you are hit, for it to do little damage. The biggest issue with this build is the cleric's basic lack of base dexterity.

"Block, block, miss"Edit

50 end/50 dex/25 spr, or 50 dex, rest end


  • Higher aim and evasion
  • Extra hp, defence and block rate


  • Lower damage

You will at higher rate block monsters attack and they will miss you more. As at 50 dex the output of points in dex decrease a lot, no point to put more than 50 into dex. 50 end gives 5% block rate, after 50 end the output of points decrease, same as dex. You can go full end, or 50, and spend the remaining points in str, and/or spr. 25 spr will give you 5% crit rate, a small amount m.def and sp.


If you know of any other builds besides the ones mentioned by all means, write them in!

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