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Here is a guide on how to become a successful cleric in Fiesta. Big thanks to Drugie for his input. Enjoy!

If you want to post anything in the forums regarding this class, please go to the Cleric Forum Section.


Stat BuildsEdit

Please see: Cleric Builds Wikia Page

Cleric TacticsEdit

There are 2 main tactics for cleric: Tanker cleric and the 'Hide and Heal'

Tanker Cleric: This is where the cleric will stand there and just lets the mob (or mobs, tanker clerics don't mind taking on quite a few mobs at once) hit them, and just heal every time their health drops low. This really resembles how a fighter goes about things, but with the addition of healing. However, it seems a side effect of this tactic is the infamous 'I can Tank' cleric.

Hide and Heal: This, in essence, is the cleric that will just sit back and let his party do all the fighting. This may sound like a very unhelpful tactic but they perform a function much more important than fighting. They keep the party members alive. By staying out of the fighting the cleric can monitor the rest of his party and heal them when they are hurt, cure their poison, revive anyone that has died. These are the clerics that form the backbone of any successful KQ by making sure everyone else can focus on the fighting, and not their own health.


All Clerics use a Shield with their weapons. Weapons are nearly useless for Clerics except for the added stats they can give.

  • Mace - used by Holy Knights. These have the lowest damage of the two but faster damage per second.
  • Hammer - Used by Guardians. Hammers have higher damage per hit than a mace but are slightly slower.

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