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Summary: This is the class that gets up close and personal with the monsters and bosses of Isya. You will use one of three weapons: a one handed sword with a shield, a two handed sword, or a two handed axe.

Advantage: The highest HP in the game and also the highest possible defense as well as possibly the highest amount of normal damage dealt to a single target.

Disadvantage: Very low SP & very low magical defense. Gear tends to be very expensive and highly sought after.

PVP:  They are weaker against mages, may have a problem with tricksters, and possible pro-archers. This is not to say a fighter cannot beat a mage, but that a mage offers the most difficulty.

Duo's:  Fighter x Mage, Fighter x Cleric,

Prestige: Knight (Tanking Master) & Gladiator (Damage Dealer/ Back up Tank)


Summary: These are the one and only healing class of fiesta. If you enjoy holding the life of your pixilated party in your keyboard then this is your class. Weapons include either a mace or a hammer  and always a shield with both weapons.

Advantage: Can have very high defense and moderately high hp. SP starts out similar to hp but eventually surpasses it. It is usually easiest to find a party if you are a cleric in the game. Has the ability to not die as often as other classes. High m.def when compared to the other melee based classes (fighters and tricksters).

Disadvantage: Terrible damage so soloing is a nightmare. Has very few attack skills and only obtains 1 or 2 damaging AOE's (one at 100, the other at 110 which is only for HK's).

PVP: Other than being able to survive against most assaults (when it's against someone of an equal or slightly higher level), the ability of a cleric of PVP is impossible. The only thing a cleric can kill is someone several levels below themselves. If you enjoy PVP do not make this class.

Duo's: Can duo easily and successfully with every class.

Prestige: Holy Knight(Buff Master)  & Guardian (the Heal-Masters)


Summary: This is the only class which deals magic damage completely. They use two handed staffs or wands without shields. If you like using AOE's and killing lots of stuff, this may be your class.

Advantage: Highest damage output to multiple enemies. Can kill tons of mobs and therefore is able to level rather quickly.  Often in any party you want at least one mage for their damaging ability. High SP and magical defense.

Disadvantage: They are "glass cannons". Their HP is the lowest of all classes, as is their defense (typically). It takes until level 60 to get the first effective AOE  in the game. Mages are not as sought after as other classes for parties because, at times, they can be a dime a dozen. Soloing, while possible, often causes multiple bouts of death. Has the lowest aim and dodging ability of all classes. Considered "squishy".

PVP: A very well rounded class for pvp. Can throw magic at their enemy at a distance while running (with some skills).  (Often considered over powered by other people or classes that enjoy PVP.)

Duo's: Mage x Cleric, Mage x Fighter, Mage x Trickster (maybe), Mage x Mage

Prestige: Wizard (AOE Master) and Warlock (Birdy PVP Master)


Summary: This class deals long ranged normal damage to an enemy using either a bow or a cross bow. Like the mage, this class does not use a shield. If you like killing your enemy from afar and don't mind doing things solo this may be your class.

Advantage: Have the ability to solo like no other class. Yes, others can solo, but not with near the ease of an Archer. Archers only need scrolls, in particular a speed scrolls, and can kite mobs for hours. While invisible rocks may cause death, typically the Archer can avoid death with their amazing dodging ability. They have modernly high hp and decent sp. Uses poison/ DOT's as a primary way to kill enemies.

Disadvantage: They lack in defense and magical defense, but not to the extreme of mages or fighters. For this class finding a party for dungeons is difficult. Have less melee damage than other normal damaging classes (except for perhaps Knights and clerics).  Considered "squishy".

PVP: Archers have the possibility of being a decent PVP class but it takes skill and practice. Archers have the greatest advantage over mages in PVP because they also use ranged attack but, mages aim is horrible while an Archer's avoidable is epic.

Duo's: Cleric x Archer, Archer x Archer

Prestige: Ranger (Stalker/Master Kiter) & Sharp Shooter (Mage Killer/ Sexy Bow Wielder)


Summary: This class uses primarily melee damage with some magical damaged mixed in. Tricksters use a variety of skills seemingly pulled from other classes and combined into one. A Trickster uses either dual blades or dual claws.

Advantage: They have a high damage output to a single target. They have the ability to freeze, poison and stun opponents (at different levels) among other things. They use a new type of damage system that uses souls which are gathered from an emery and used to produce a highly damaging attack. (May be a disadvantage to some)This is a newer class so much of their possibility is uncharted or unknown.

Disadvantage: Lower defense than other melee classes due to the lack of a shield. May pull away the agro from the tank because of their high damage and die as a result. Moderately low magical defense. Are not partied as often as other classes. Considered "squishy".

PVP: Generally they have the ability to PVP but it takes a mastery of their skills to do so.

Duo's: Mage x Trickster (maybe), Cleric x Trickster

Prestige: Reaper & Specter

Other Points of Note:Edit

Please note, everything written here is general information and some people can break the mold of their class. Typically this takes tremendous loads of gems/in-game currency & spark cash (real money).  I have personally seen every class tank effectively when use correctly or geared up perfectly.

This page is fairly repetitive with the Wikia page Class Picking Guide but the information is just presented differently.

A Helpful QuizEdit

If you are trying to pick a class I have made a quiz on for you to take to help figure out which class is for you: What Class in Fiesta Online Should I Be?

~Sincerly RosexRayne

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